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Recent Reports

The Economic Impact of Raising the Educational Attainment of Arizona's Workforce: 2019 Update, July 2019
An update to the May 2015 paper, this paper calculates the economic benefits to Arizona of raising the educational attainment of the state's workforce. An impact is calculated based on historical data and simulations of future benefits are provided.

The Impact of Arizona State University Graduates Employed in Arizona in 2017, December 2018
An update to the May 2018 paper that presented data through 2016, estimates are presented of the number of ASU graduates working in Arizona, as well as their average wage, aggregate wages, and tax payments. Estimates are made for each year from 2012 through 2017.

The Growing Importance of International Students at Arizona State University, November 2018
This short paper examines trends in the enrollment of international students at ASU and estimates the economic impact of these students.

The Value of a College Education and the Burden of Student Loan Repayment, October 2018
Estimates the average financial return on investment of a bachelor's degree for men and women, examines the variation in the rate of return by field of study, and investigates the burden of student debt.

An Examination of Public Education in Arizona Compared to the Nation, October 2018
Provides a broad evaluation of public education in Arizona, with comparisons to other states and the nation. Elementary and secondary education as well as higher education are examined.

The Relationship Between Government Finance, Educational Attainment, and Economic Performance, September 2018
Compares states and the nation over time on government finance, including revenues and expenditures specific to education, educational attainment, and economic performance, as measured by productivity, prosperity, and aggregate growth. Examines the relationship between these topics.