Creation of Knowledge:


Universities can take several steps to better understand the role of their research in the economic development of their community:

  • Monitor all metrics obtained from Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) surveys.
  • Survey businesses in the local community to understand how they perceive benefits from the local research university.
  • Build an understanding of how the benefits of knowledge creation flow to a local economy. To understand these channels, survey academic literature and recent reports by monitoring:
    • Research published in journals
    • Sponsored research
    • Contract research
    • Faculty consulting
    • Student internships and full-time placements
    • Patents, licenses, and start-ups
    • Symposia sponsored by university research centers
    • Executive education
    • Certificate programs
  • Establish the relative importance of these factors through primary survey data. Surveys may be conducted in conjunction with site visits and/or regular communication with local business leaders. At a minimum, this effort will help build a mutual understanding of the needs of regional businesses and the ability of research universities to fill these needs.