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Arizona Demographics

An understanding of Arizona demographics is important to planning at Arizona State University and to economic development in Arizona.

University Economist Reports

The Latino Population in the United States and Arizona, With an Emphasis on Education, January 2020
This paper provides a demographic profile of the Latino population in the United States and in Arizona, based primarily on the 2018 American Community Survey. It also examines demographic changes between 2010 and 2018, and simulates the economic impact of raising the educational attainment of Latinos.

An Examination of Immigration Policy Issues in the United States, August 2018
Examines several topics related to immigration, such as restrictions on legal immigration, deportations, border security, and the relationship between unauthorized immigration and crime. 

Migration To and From Arizona, May 2016
Summarizes migration data from three sources: the Internal Revenue Service, the American Community Survey, and the University of Wisconsin.

New Population Projections for the United States, Arizona and Arizona Counties, January 2013
Reviews population projections released in December 2012 by the U.S. Census Bureau and by the Arizona Department of Administration's Office of Employment and Population Statistics. Compares the new projections to previously released projections.

2010 Census Results for Arizona, November 2011
Discusses the results of the 2010 decennial census for Arizona, with comparisons to the nation and other states, and for Arizona counties and places. Changes between 2000 and 2010 are included. In addition to the total population, the population living in households, and the population living in group quarters, the following topics are discussed: household type, race and ethnicity, age, housing units and vacancies, and homeownership. The data are available from two Excel files:
United States and States
Arizona Counties and Places

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The Latino Population in Arizona -- Growth, Characteristics, and Outlook -- With a Focus on Latino Education, Arizona State University, Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research, September 2011

Lessons From the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act, Public Policy Institute of California, March 2011

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