Other Examples of University Activities Strengthening Local Economies

Prepared for CICEP by the Office of the University Economist, Arizona State University

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This literature review concentrates on the development of universities in a regional context, focusing on the evolution and discourses of higher education and research, the regional aspects of higher education policies, the various functions and roles that the institutions play, measures taken to link the universities with their regional partners and the conditions which seem to favor or hamper a stronger regional engagement.

Council on Competitiveness. “Cooperate: A Practitioner’s Guide for Effective Alignment of Regional Development and Higher Education” March 2008. Prepared for the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.

Innovation is the key to regional competitiveness and higher education plays a central role in regional innovation. Includes recommendations for higher education to foster cooperation

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A description of Virginia Tech’s program to partner with an economically distressed region of Virginia. The focus is to enhance the viability of this rural region in an innovation-based, global economy while also benefiting the university’s discovery, learning, and outreach mission.

Hoffman, Dennis and T. Rex. “The Societal Benefits of Higher Education” April 2008.

A look at educational attainment and earnings in Arizona and the social financial return to higher education.

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The future of higher education and its relationship to economic growth were the focus of a one-day conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on November 2, 2005. Traditional models of higher education finance and service delivery are under stress from declining financial support from state sources and changing student demographics.

Porter, Michael. “Colleges and Universities and Regional Economic Development: A Strategic Perspective” 2007. Excerpt from Forum Futures 2007, Forum for the Future of Higher Education, Cambridge, Mass.

A strategic approach for universities to assess their regional business economy is presented. From there, institutions can enhance their regional economy through a variety of targeted initiatives, ranging from providing jobs and developing real estate to offering advice to startups and conducting the basic research that catalyzes and supports local industries.