Competitiveness and Economic Development

The competitiveness of a region largely consists of the quality of its economic foundations, including human capital and the physical infrastructure. The term “competitiveness” largely is synonymous with “business climate.” Economic development refers to efforts to improve the economic well-being and quality of life in a region by retaining and creating jobs, and by maintaining and increasing incomes.

January 2018
Discusses the evolution of international trade, addressing both the benefits of trade and local employment and wage dislocations that sometimes result from trade. NAFTA is specifically examined. Income and wage inequality also are discussed, with the effects from trade compared to the effects from technological changes and other factors.  
December 2016
Compares the public finance systems of Arizona and Utah. The public finance system, a component of competitiveness, in Utah is considered to be one of the best in the nation, while Arizona’s system is rated as average to below average.
February 2016
Compares Arizona and Nevada on various aspects of the economy, including economic development and economic performance, and examines educational measures. Evaluations of the business climate in Nevada place it below the national average and near the bottom of the western states, while Arizona ranks among the middle of the states.
September 2015
Contrasts Arizona and Utah on various aspects of the economy, including economic development and economic performance. The business climate in Utah has been evaluated as being among the best in the nation, while Arizona ranks among the middle of the states.
May 2012

Projects Arizona’s economic competitiveness following legislative actions in 2011 and 2012. The recent packages of business tax reductions and enhanced incentives taken individually will boost competitiveness; however, this will be offset by an inability to provide the public infrastructure and services needed by businesses due to the reduction in government revenue.

May 2009
Summarizes the three ways that universities contribute to the local economy: as an economic base industry, as an institution of higher education, and as a research institution. Higher incomes of individuals and the community as a whole, higher-quality jobs, enhanced economic development, and improvements in prosperity and quality of life are all associated with the presence of universities in the community.
November 2008
Addresses Arizona’s tremendous infrastructure needs. Its public infrastructure—particularly the transportation system—has not kept pace with the state’s growth; Arizona’s existing physical infrastructure—especially the water infrastructure—is aging; and Arizona continues to grow rapidly, creating a substantial demand from new residents and new businesses for public-sector and private-sector infrastructure.
August 2006
Provides a review of studies that examine the extent to which university research promotes local economic growth and development, with a primary focus on economic impacts that derive from the innovative outputs of faculty. These impacts include the attraction of industrial laboratories, the start-up of new high-tech businesses, and competitive advantages enjoyed by local businesses when their technology is advanced by university research.
June 2005
Reviews Ireland’s dramatic improvement in economic growth and prosperity, providing comparisons to Arizona.

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